Pandora’s new update is an aesthetics makeover


In a time when algorithms comparing the listening habits of users was the stuff of science fiction, Pandora was hard at work on the “Music Genome Project,” an attempt to categorize hundreds of thousands of songs based on their genre, what instruments are being used, the gender of the lead singer, and hundreds of other labels.

The goal was to create a system that could hone in on a listener’s favorite aspects of music in general and deliver a big bundle of similar songs to their ready and waiting years. And it worked pretty damn well. Pandora was the first major, successful music streaming service, and although many still use it today, it has kind of flagged behind Google Play Music, Spotify, and Apple Music in recent years.

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Pandora has been running the same basic aesthetic for a long time now, shuffling through major style trends like Material Design with its head down. The result was that the interface began to look more and more dated with each passing year. Now, however, the old time radio app is rolling out a new update that breathes fresh life into the UI. Users are getting a new, sexier white design that mostly ditches the characteristic blue theme.



If you want to give Pandora’s new look a go, click the button below to head over to the Google Play Store. Perhaps it’d be nice to revisit the service that introduced you to streaming music. Who knows? You might fall in love again.

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