OnePlus kicks off installment plans in the US

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Been wanting to get an unlocked device but haven’t really had the cash to make the jump all at once? If you’re in that boat and you’ve been eyeballing the OnePlus 2, then you’re in luck! OnePlus has just announced that they are initiating installment plans that can let you rock a OnePlus 2 for as little as $22.60 per month.

The company claims they are adding this option because buying a phone in the US is unnecessarily complicated. Often times, there’s not a whole lot of transparency with major carriers in regard to how much of your monthly bill goes toward paying for your device. OnePlus doesn’t like the fact that carriers have historically masked the actual cost of phones with confusing terms and conditions, subsidies, and installments. They want to bring a simpler model to the table that lets folks pay for their device over time, plain and simple.

The installment plan that OnePlus has set up is eligible for any order from the company that exceeds $99. Right now, it’s only available in the US, but we can keep our fingers crossed for a European release. The installment plan is totally optional, and if you decide to pay the remaining cost of your phone at any point, you’re free to do so. The main benefit to paying installments through OnePlus rather than your carrier is, of course, that you’re free to hop carriers whenever you would like.

What are your thoughts regarding OnePlus’s new installment plans? Still prefer to buy your phone outright rather than be tied down with recurring payments? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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