NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV update brings mouse navigation, game optimization

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The NVIDIA SHIELD TV just got update 3.1, which brings a handful of exciting upgrades to this Android entertainment machine. Biggest on the list of changes: Mouse navigation. However, you’re also getting some optimizations for some of the latest and most popular games, including some of those which were a part of NVIDIA’s April game sale.

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The mouse navigation support is fairly straightforward. The right controller stick can function as a mouse to move the pointer around on the screen. This makes apps like Google Chrome browser much easier and more intuitive to use. Mouse functionality doesn’t apply to all apps, of course, but from here on out the SHIELD TV will support this function natively. A handful of games have been optimized including Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and Parallax, and some GeForce NOW games, like Sleeping Dogs and Soma, have also been spruced up. On top of this, you’re also getting a handful of boilerplate improvements like increased Marshmallow stability, external USB drive detection, FTP write access, idle/sleep stability, SD card formatting capabilities, etc… Most importantly, your device is receiving the March security update.

While it’s nothing groundbreaking, this is a refreshing little update for your SHIELD TV device. That mouse functionality is especially a big boost. Let us know what you think of update 3.1 in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Android Authority for the scoop on the biggest updates coming to your favorite devices.

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