NordVPN — Just $3/month for one of the very best VPNs


I never browse without my VPN, and I would recommend everyone to do the same. It keeps your data safe from hackers and your identity hidden online, and that’s just the security side. The perks of using a VPN includes saving you big money on purchases, letting you access geo-blocked sites, and a whole lot more.

NordVPN is one of our very favorites at Android Authority, which is why we’re psyched to say that you can now sign up for as little as $2.99 per month. You can even try it for free.

One of the best VPN providers on the market.

If you don’t know why it’s important to use a VPN when browsing, check out the perks on the NordVPN site. Personally, as well as keeping myself protected, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on flights, watched U.S. Netflix and BBC iPlayer abroad, and stopped my internet provider monitoring my activity.

We put it through its paces ourselves and it passed with flying colors. You can check out our in-depth review here.

How does NordVPN stand-out?

In short, NordVPN has all the hallmarks of a top VPN service. It has over 5,000 servers in 61 countries and offers blazing-fast connection speeds. Your connection is always double encrypted, so no one, not even your internet provider or the government, can see your activity. With no activity logs kept, they’ll never know either.


Most top-tier VPNs are $10 to $15 per month, and NordVPN is no different on a month-by-month plan. However, if you sign up for a longer plan you can make huge savings. A three-year plan works out to just $2.99 per month, and there are other great plans to check out too.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a good try for free before committing to the long term. We’re confident that you won’t look back.

Don’t miss out on the joy of VPN any longer. Check out NordVPN via the button below.

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