Noefonie WeTab German tablet to be partially ad-supported

The Neofonie WeTab is an 11.6 inch tablet with a custom Linux interface and a home screen filled with a series of widgets to give you access to your most important information at a glance. Apparently along with updates from your email, instant messenger, news feeds, and social networking sites, that includes advertising. reports that the WeTab ships with advertising widgets installed on the Home Screen… and there’s no way to remove them. Noefonie says that’s because advertising is an important part of the company’s plans to make money from the WeTab.

Of course, it’s not unusual for companies to load up hardware with software that you didn’t ask for in order to drive down the cost. Computers have shipped with trial versions of Microsoft Office, Norton Internet Security, or other apps for years. But you can uninstall those apps if you don’t like them. As of right now, there’s no easy way to remove the advertising widgets on the WeTab, which is more than a little annoying.

Of course, it probably wont’ take users very long to figure out how to hack the tablet’s Linux-based code to remove the widgets or make other modifications. Or maybe we’ll just start to see people wiping the operating system altogether and installing their own.

The WeTab is expected to launch later this year in Germany.

You can check out some hands-on videos from after the break

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