NHTSA will publicly shame you on Twitter for texting while driving

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to reduce the number of accidents that are caused by people at the wheel texting and driving. To do so, they’re carrying out an aggressive Twitter campaign to publicly shame those who are caught in the act.

The NHTSA is directly tweeting and mentioning those that are found driving and texting in a bid to spread the word and make people reconsider doing so after being publicly shamed. Let’s face it – being publicly tweeted by a federal agency notifying everyone that you’re texting while driving will probably be enough to deter you from doing it again. Your family will see it, probably even your boss at work, so it’s not really something to be proud of.

Um, agreed @Domie_D23. Please realize you’re putting yourself and others in danger, and a silly text isn’t worth it. #justdrive

— NHTSA (@NHTSAgov) April 22, 2016

Nobody’s “good” at texting & driving, @bequitaQ. Do yourself and other drivers a favor and get off your phone. It’s not worth it #justdrive

— NHTSA (@NHTSAgov) April 22, 2016

According to the latest report by the NHTSA, smartphones played a key role in 8.1% of traffic deaths in H1 of 2015, whether that be texting or talking while driving. The NHTSA’s Tweets are accompanied by a #justdrive hashtag, which is certainly getting traction around the social network.

Texting and driving is absolutely discouraged, and has in fact been illegal in the United Kingdom and other countries for a few years. Help spread the word by using the #justdrive hashtag to keep the roads, and drivers themselves, safe.

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