Nexus 7 dock reportedly shipping in two weeks with same $39.99 price tag


No one really knows for sure why Google – and Asus, for that matter – has not released the official Nexus 7 docking station yet. It has been a clear six months since the flagship 7-inch Google tablet hit the market and yet this neat little dock accessory is nowhere to be found. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t ever see the light of day. In fact, rumor has it that it will start shipping in the next two weeks. And that’s good news, no matter how you look at it.

Last week, it was first reported that the Nexus 7 dock would be released in Europe some time in mid-January. This matches the information that is available now, courtesy of The Verge, which pretty much confirms that the dock will soon be on its way.

According to unnamed sources, the dock will ship within the next two weeks. So those who have been waiting for it to arrive won’t need to worry about waiting much further than that. Plus, it retains the $39.99 price tag from the time of the earliest Nexus 7 dock leaks.

The Nexus 7 docking station, as you may already know, will allow users to conveniently dock their Nexus 7 units when not in hands-on use. It has a built-in micro USB port, an audio-out port, and strangely, a port for mini USB connections. It lacks any kind of video-out feature, so if you’re looking to hook up your tablet to an external monitor, you’re better off elsewhere. It looks perfect for the Nexus 7 though, and you can’t deny that.

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