New update lets you upload 360-degree pics on Facebook and post videos as comments

grand-canyon-full-screen-panoramaIt’s no secret that Facebook is looking to jump feet-first into social VR, and one of the most accessible tools in the VR box for most users is 360-degree photography. Since most modern phones are capable of stitching together photospheres or sweeping panoramic shots, it’s a natural move to make these types of photos postable on Facebook. Facebook 360 integrates seamlessly with your news feed but if you want to jump into your friend’s photos, you can always take advantage of a Samsung Gear VR for a fully immersive experience.

Right now it appears that only Samsung Galaxy devices and iOS smartphones are capable of uploading 360-degree shots, but we don’t see any reason why this functionality shouldn’t roll out to other devices in the near future. For more information, head over to the dedicated Facebook 360 landing page.

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facebook video comments

This isn’t the only change coming to your favorite social platform. The site is also giving users the ability to post videos as comments. This addition comes as part of an ongoing effort on Facebook’s part to let users express themselves in a wider variety of ways. A previous initiative in this area saw them standardizing Messenger emoji as well as rolling out several brand new metric tons of today’s modern version of hieroglyphics.

What are your thoughts regarding these new options for visual content on Facebook? Gimmick or useful perk? Give uploading a 360 video a shot and let us know in the comments if you’re able to get one up on a non-Samsung, non-iOS device!

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