March security update brings a boatload of performance improvements to the Nexus 5X

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The Nexus 5X is a good phone, but it’s been widely criticized for its subpar performance and general slow down in day-to-day use. If you’re the owner of one of these devices and are getting tired of rebooting it every couple of days, we’ve got some good news for you. Along with the March security update that Google just announced yesterday, the Nexus 5X is getting some much-needed bug fixes and performance improvements.

Orrin, a Nexus Community Manager, took to Reddit earlier today to tell the community that the March security update includes bug fixes that will “improve overall stability, connectivity and performance on the Nexus 5X.” In a later comment, he explains that some of the fixes will help resolve the following issues:

  • General slow/sluggish performance
  • DND next alarm disappearing issue
  • Improvements with Bluetooth
  • WiFi connectivity improvements
  • Carrier-specific bug fixes

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You may have noticed in our original post that two factory images were added for the 5X. Orrin clarifies that the “majority of the world (including major US carriers)” will be using the MHC19J build. Other variants will need to use build MMB29V.

The update should start rolling out to devices from today. If you aren’t keen on waiting, feel free to flash the appropriate factory image at the link below. If you’ve never done so, read our walkthrough here!

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