Lightroom for Android 2.1 introduces manual camera controls and more

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Adobe’s Lightroom for Android first introduced an in-app camera in version 2.0. Now the team is back with version 2.1, which further expands control over the app’s camera, alongside a few other improvements. Easily the most important change in this latest update is the addition of manual controls for the camera ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focus. These new tools have been sorted them into a box Adobe is calling “Pro Mode.”

You can also now launch the Lightroom camera app via a widget, which saves you from having to make a detour through the core app first. That’s not all that’s new, though.

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Adobe Lightroom for Android will now see out and fetch full res photos from any end-point in your Lightroom ecosystem. You can export those images from the app without having to scale them down, and the update for the iOS version of the app suggests you’ll be able to do more with those raw images soon.

Though Adobe didn’t set a timeline for an Android arrival, Lightroom’s iOS team has been working on a “raw technology preview” that’ll allow users to modify raw files from their mobile devices. Edits to a raw image will reflect across all instances of a that photo in a Lightroom ecosystem.

Elsewhere in the update, Adobe dished out some miscellaneous bug fixes. But what it didn’t deliver was support for meta data delivery, though Adobe’s Josh Haftel, Digital Imaging, said the team is working on fulfilling the this commonly requested feature.

Overall, this isn’t a massive update, but it’s great to see that the recently added in-app camera has been further upgraded. What do you think of the update? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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