LG will show off a Chromecast-based PC monitor at CES 2017

LG will be showing off a lot of new products in just a few weeks in Las Vegas during CES 2017. That includes new PC monitors, and one of them will have built-in support for streaming media from smartphones with its Chromecast feature.

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2 weeks ago

In an early press release, LG said that the upcoming 34-inch 21:9 34UM79M UltraWide Mobile Monitor will be the first such product that is Chromecast enabled. That likely means that if you have an Android or iOS smartphone with a Chromecast app, you can cast media from that phone to this monitor without the need for a typical Chromecast HDMI dongle.

LG added that this monitor will let users see content from both their¬†PC and their mobile device on screen at the same time. In addition, the monitor will have a feature called Dual Controller Plus, which will let users control both a PC and a mobile device with just one keyboard and mouse. Finally, the product supports the LG Mobile+ Monitor app, which will give owners control of many of this monitor’s settings, such as input, volume, aspect ratio, PBP/PIP, etc. remotely and conveniently.

LG will be showing off this new Chromecast monitor alongside other products at CES 2017. The company did not reveal a price tag or a release date for these monitors, nor do we know the screen resolution. We’ll of course know more when CES rolls around, so stay tuned!

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