Leaked photo of Sony Xperia NXT tablet may stir interest

Image Credit: Xperiablog.net

The Sony Xperia series is the antithesis to Ericsson it seems. The company has done quite well since its release on the market. We recently reported about a possible Xperia Tablet passing through FCC hands, and then news of a possible Sony product launch in September.

While all this news is great to hear, it is as always, the images that speak a thousand words. Here we have a shot from a Swedish publication, and it shows a Xperia S/P/U style in a tablet. This appears to be about a 7″ inch tablet, which are now the latest trending tablet size on the market. Whether or not it’s a prototype is irrelevant; the world has seen this capability from Sony and may create market demand for it now.

Do you pine for an Xperia NXT tablet or are the available choices already too many in the 7″ range? Shout comments at us below!

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