Kickstarter project of the week: Lumenus is “designed to save lives”

Kickstarter is teeming with innovation, but very few projects manage to really catch our attention. This new article series is our attempt at bringing the best funding campaigns to your attention. This will include all kinds of different mobile-related products, so be sure to stay tuned for a new Kickstarter project of the week every single… week.

Today we are going with my personal favorite project, not only of the week, but of the year. If you are an avid runner or biker you will definitely understand my instant infatuation with the Lumenus products. These guys have created a set of clothing accessories and backpacks that will keep you safe during the night.


Think of these as your portable/wearable smart light system. They have integrated turn signals, brake lights, performance indicators and more. But won’t it be an annoyance to operate a separate set of blinkers and lights? The best part is that you don’t really control it manually. This thing already knows when to activate certain lights and let other drivers know what you are doing!

How does that work, exactly? These products happen to be pretty smart, and they connect to the official app, which would be installed in your phone. The application uses GPS and navigation to process everything. For example, if the GPS detects you slowing down, it will turn on the brake lights. And because you set your route in navigation beforehand, it will also know when you need to turn, and will use the blinkers accordingly when approaching an intersection.


For performance buffs there’s also a light that informs you how well you are doing with your daily jogs or rides. And guess what? These have a smart touch to them, as they can also give you call and text notifications.

I happen to be a motorcycle rider and riding is my life, but I am definitely conscious that I am also putting that life on the line every time I mount my bike. This is definitely a hobby you need to respect. Your life can be gone in a second when you are in the road. The sad part is that often accidents are not really your fault, they can also be caused by distracted drivers who don’t see you. When you are running or riding, being as noticeable as possible is key! You want to make sure you wear bright colors and reflective clothing… or something awesome like the Lumenus products!

By the way, these happen to look great! Even the bright yellow Performance Vest looks cool. And the other jackets and coats are actually quite stylish. The backpacks look pretty darn good, too.


Want to get your hands on a Lumenus product? The idea is that they want to bring this to market, but need the funds in order to do this, hence they went with popular page Kickstarter. You can back the project at different price levels and choose between the backpacks and the other clothing accessories. For example, those who pay $125 or more can get a backpack, while a Performance Vest will cost you at least $175, while the Lightweight Jacket and Commuter Coat both cost $275. There are slightly cheaper prices for early birds, though. And shipping begins in June 2016.

Interested? I know I am. Just click on the button below to see the Kickstarter page and hit the comments to let us know what you think of Lumenus. I love the idea, do you?!

Check out the Lumenus Kickstarter

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