KFC giving its customers free battery packs (India only)


Our phones are getting bigger, better and more powerful. Yes, battery life is improving too, but we are nowhere near the point of not having to worry about juice. Even the longest lasting smartphones struggle to get close to two days on a single charge (and they usually fail to). We continue our endless quest for energy, plugging in wherever we can.

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Rejoice, energy fighters and chicken lovers – KFC is willing to ease your battery struggles at least a little bit. Their latest offer includes a free battery pack with the purchase of a five-in-one meal, which they are calling ‘Watt a Box’. It costs only 150 rupees (about $2.20 USD) and includes a full meal, as well as a 6,100 mAh battery built right into the box.

Pretty cool, right? The only issue is that this is currently a local deal for Indian customers. And even for Indians it is hard to get a hold of these batter packs, as not every store has them. They are currently being served in their Delhi and Mumbai chain stores.

We sure wish KFC would do this everywhere else, though. You would definitely find me munching on their crispy fried chicken much more often! Wouldn’t you like it if your local KFC gave away battery packs?!


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