Journey to distant, dangerous worlds with Out There: Chronicles, an interactive visual novel


Fans of Out There have a bit of a little bonus coming their way. Although it’s not a game, Out There: Chronicles is an interactive novel that takes place in the same universe as its dark science fiction forerunner.

Chronicles follows the story of Darius, an escapee from war-torn Earth. He has awakened from cryosleep far, far from home, and now it’s his task to survive in this alien environment and hopefully find his lost companions.

The twisty tale includes a cast of characters and bizarre alien creatures. You’ll have to twist your way through trick conversations to uncover all of the game’s secrets. The devil’s in the dialogue for this well-written piece, so be sure you pay close attention.

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You’ll have to make careful decisions as you pick your way through this hostile landscape of unknowns, as the ramifications of your decisions are far reaching. It’s not hard to die in Out There: Chronicles, but fortunately there are plenty of checkpoints to keep it from being too frustrating.

If you haven’t checked out the original Out There, you’ll probably want to start with that one. If you’re looking for a brief stint back in your favorite universe, then look no further than the button below. Out There: Chronicles costs $2.99 and has no in-app purchases.

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