It looks like AT&T is preparing to launch a Galaxy S7 Active


@evleaks is back with another tantalising rumor this week. It appears that US carrier AT&T is in the middle of testing out a new Samsung smartphone, and it could well be a Galaxy S7 Active variant.

The mysterious phone was spotted on a Zauba listing a few days ago, which contains data about imports and exports into India. The handset was most likely heading off to a testing center. The smartphone arrived with the model number SM-G891A and although this doesn’t actually give us a name for the device, it is quite similar to the SM-G890A model number given to the Galaxy S6 Active.

AT&T is testing a handset, Samsung SM-G891A. GS6 Active is G890A. Updated SKU, GS7 Active, or other? [pic: Zauba]

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 23, 2016

That SM-G891A in testing at AT&T is known as the Samsung Poseidon.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 25, 2016

Apparently, the SM-G891A is also known internally as the “Samsung Poseidon”. It might be a little on the nose, but the name certainly hints at some additional water resistance above and beyond the IP68-rating given to the already released Galaxy S7. If this all turns out to be true, we are probably also looking at a much more rugged exterior and possibly a bigger battery like last time as well. Furthermore, the Galaxy S6 Active was also an AT&T exclusive, so there’s a good chance that the carrier is after a successor.

Of course, that’s just speculation. The phone could be a simple SKU change or perhaps something different entirely, maybe a phone that is never even destined for consumer hands.

Are you holding out for the launch of a Galaxy S7 Active model?

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