Is Huawei working on its own OS? CEO responds


Even a mobile giant like Samsung has trouble getting Tizen OS off the ground, which leaves us wondering why Huawei would want to pursue a similar tactic. Recent rumors say the Chinese manufacturer finds itself working on a mobile OS alternative to Android, named Kirin OS. Is this true? We are not certain yet, but CEO Richard Yu has taken the conversation to Weibo and it is getting interesting.

Yu expresses the company’s commitment to working with Android… so long as the platform’s open nature lives. He goes on to mention they will continue to improve upon Android by customizing it and adding their own touch to the experience.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has decided to stay quiet regarding the development of any mobile OS…

But does this answer the question? Not really. Huawei CEO Richard Yu has decided to stay quiet regarding the development of any mobile OS that could be used as a secondary strategy, shall Google someday go nuts and close Android down. Some believe silence says much, others prefer not to assume too much. Where do you stand?

Of course, launching a mobile OS is way too grueling at this point. Android and iOS hold the market by the neck, thanks to their ample support and millions of applications. Statista’s studies show 2,200,000 apps in the Google Play Store and 2,000,000 in the Apple App Store. Every other application store is struggling to get developers on board, with Windows taking the third place at 669,000 applications.

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Just keep in mind how much Windows Phone users continue to complain about lackluster app options. And that is the third biggest app store! Software availability is key, and it may be too late to compete with the giants unless you have some serious plans.

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