India’s $35 Tablet Hands-on Review [Video]

The entire world is wondering about India’s $35 tablet. Some so-called gadget gurus have also published their verdicts without getting their hands on the product.

When India’s Human Resource Development minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal, announced the new tablet for such cheap price, nobody really believed that it could also become a reality. Yes, the development has started in full swing and it will hopefully be available in 2011.

The NDTV guys have got an opportunity to review the prototype of $35 Android OS based tablet on their tech show. As discussed in the show, the retail value of the device will go high due to several taxes and official regulations. The $35 price is only applicable for the students in India.

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  • thomas

    They were surprised seeing android as they thought it was linux… lol. Android is linux based. Can we get something who has just a basic understanding of technology looking at this?