Here’s how you can turn a Nexus 7 into an infotainment system for your Subaru

nexus 7 subaru impreza

This would not be the first time we report on ingenious people who take matters into their own hands and bring the gift of Android to novel places. But this guy is quite crafty and we loved the attention to detail that he put into his work.

Via Reddit, we learned about an Impreza owner who decided he wasn’t going to shell thousands of dollars for an aftermarket head unit for his 2008 Subaru Impreza STi. (By the way, the price tags of infotainment units are just scandalous, don’t you think?)

User metajames posted on a Subaru fan forum images of his handiwork, as well as all the components he used:

  • Subaru of America Double DIN AV Panel (ia Performance)
  • Google Nexus 7 (Staples)
  • Parrot MKi 9100 (
  • Rocketfish Dual USB Vehicle Charger (Best Buy)
  • Tech Armor Anti-Glare & Anti-Fingerprint (Matte) Screen Protector (
  • eBay snap on back cover for mounting N7 (from seller “toolmld”)
  • Custom built acrylic double DIN sized “box” as a support
  • Metra 95-8902 Double DIN Installation Kit cannibalized for brackets (
  • Metra 70-7552 Radio Wiring Harness for power tap (
  • Enercell 12VDC Vehicle Power Accessory Outlet (Radio Shack)
  • Micro USB Cable – A to Right Angle Micro B (

With a little elbow grease and plenty of ingenuity, he fitted his Nexus 7 into the dashboard flawlessly. If you’re interested in finding more, check out the original forum thread and the Reddit post, where you will find many pictures and more details.

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