Here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week – August 7, 2016


We are keeping busy making the best videos we can, but you also have your responsibilities and can’t always be on the lookout for new videos. This is why we highlight the hottest ones for you every weekend.

This week’s biggest news is easily the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s launch. We have all kinds of content on the new phablet, so keep reading to find out everything about it. We also took a look at the Xiaomi Redmi Pro, the Nexus Launcher and the best Kickstarter campaigns of the month.

There’s a lot to watch, so let’s get started!

In the news

Want a good summary of what’s been going on this week? Jayce and Joe Hindy make sure to keep you updated with the the android and app news of the week. Phones are exploding and new apps are hitting the Google Play Store, so let’s get you updated on everything.

Top Kickstarters of July 2016

Every beginning of the month Krystal Lora gives us a roundup of the top Kickstarters of the month. It’s time for July’s gems to be featured. This month we are taking a look at a pillow that screams at you when you oversleep. Furthermore, there is a device that turns your Android smartphone into a laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is definitely the next big thing, as well as being all the hype this week. Android fans will often say Samsung’s true flagships are Note smartphones. They tend to come later in the year, which also means they boast better hardware and improved features. This year’s Note model come with enough surprises, including an iris scanner, a killer design, great hardware and more.

We have the works here, including hands-on, feature explanations and even comparisons. Shall we dive in?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hands-on

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features explained

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comparisons

Oh, and there’s a new Gear VR!

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Launched – What you need to know

Xiaomi is known for its powerful, yet super affordable devices. This time around they have launched the Xiaomi Redmi Pro seems to offer a great experience for a price that starts at RMB 1499 (~$225). It has a full aluminum body, giving it the build quality you need for a good beating. In addition, its specs are well above average for the price, including a MediaTek Helio X processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64-128 GB of internal storage.

Nexus Launcher hands-on

Ever wondered what the 2016 Nexus devices will tout in terms of software? Well, it looks very different. And while it may not look like much, there’s a bunch of funky stuff going on. For starters, the app drawer is gone. Yeah… crazy right? Let Kris Carlon tell you all about it. By the way, you can install this launcher right now!

What’s your favorite video this week? Let us know in the comments!

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