Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories hits Android


The 2005 PSP classic Liberty City Stories has appeared in the Google Play Store with little fanfare. The Rockstar creation is a mobile-friendly addition to the ongoing and ever-controversial Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Although the game is open world, it’s naturally not as sprawling and detailed as its console companions. You are Toni Cipriani, outcast wise guy for the Leone family. In the time you’ve been away from Liberty City, the organized rule of the mob has become fractured as corrupt politicians, rival games, and striking unions vie for control of a city where crime is as commonplace as pizza is in NYC.


The game has gotten a few daubs of makeup applied to its face before arriving on Android devices. Its 2005 roots are still visible in some of the design elements, but extensive graphic enhancements have been implemented, and with the addition of Rockstar Social Club support, your achievements and save files will be available across platforms.

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If you’re even remotely interested, now is the time to act, because the game will be increasing in price once this promotion ends. This is a full game with no in-app purchases, and you can click the button below to download it to your device.


Are you a Liberty City Stories fan? If so, let us know what your experience with the game has been like in the comments! Would you recommend this game to Android gamers?

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Get it in the Play Store!

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