Google Fiber killing free internet plan in Kansas City


Google Fiber has shaken the industry with its blazing 1 Gbps internet. Even though it’s not available in many markets, it’s one of those things every tech geek is praying to see coming to the neighborhood. Not only is Google Fiber super cheap, but to many users it’s actually free.

Those who have been following Google Fiber news know there was a 5 Mbps plan that was completely free, so long as the user paid the $300 construction fee. It was equally impressive; after all, who offers free internet? It seems new subscribers in Kansas City (the first Google Fiber market) will no longer have this privilege, though.

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According to re/code, a representative confirmed some changes to the pricing model in Kansas City. New subscribers are now stuck with two main plans. You can get 1 Gbps for $70 or 100 Mbps for $50.


That sure isn’t as nice as free internet, but it is still a hell of a deal. The reason behind this move continues to be unknown. Who wouldn’t want free internet, after all? Maybe that initial $300 charge was a bit too much for some customers to handle. Or it could be that Google is simply not trying to compete at the lower internet speed spectrum. Really, it’s anyone’s guess by now.

All I know is that I would sign up for Google Fiber in a heart beat. I am still hoping for San Diego to be added to the list. How many of you have been enjoying Google Fiber? What are your experiences with it? Would you miss the free tier? Hit the comments and let us know!

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