Google brings Nexus 7 to France, Germany, and Spain

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European folks, you can stop booking plane tickets to London to grab the Nexus 7 – if you can find one in physical stores, that is — as Google has announced that the Asus-made tablet is now on sale in more countries in the region.

The leak last week about the Nexus 7 touching down in France was right on the money. But instead of landing on September 3, the Nexus 7 arrives sooner and is now already available for purchase from Google Play. The good news doesn’t end there, because the tablet has also been officially released in Germany and Spain.

The price listed for the 8GB Nexus 7 for the European market is €199, while the 16GB model is going for €249. These may seem a lot pricier than the price that American folks are paying, but they’re actually on par with how much the Nexus 7 selling for in the UK. Note that the price already includes tax as well.

Unlike the wait that customers had to endure during the first few weeks of the tablet’s availability, Google said that the shipment period for the Nexus 7 should not be more than two business days.

With France, Germany, and Spain joining Australia, Canada, the UK and US, the Nexus 7 is available in seven countries so far. Hong Kong might be next on the list, though apparently only the 16GB model will be offered at HK $2,398 (US$310).

So, ready to splash some Euros for the Nexus 7?

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