Go from amateur Instagrammer to paid photo snapper

It’s Pay What You Want day in AAPicks land folks. This one’s for the keen snappers among you.

Everyone has an amateur photographer inside them, now that they all have high-caliber cameras in their pockets. But the megapixels in your smartphone’s camera can’t turn a camera hack into a paid pro.

And believe us. There’s money to be made. Every online publication worth its salt employs a slew of them, including Android Authority.

So how do you actually stand-out and impress when it comes to photography? By actually knowing what you’re doing, that’s how. The Complete Photography Bundle is over 26 hours of training to give you the edge.

Capture those once in a lifetime photo opportunities perfectly

You really don’t need a high-end DSLR camera to break in. All you need is to master the basics and start playing around with advanced techniques.

In this bundle you’ll learn all manner of skills for taking, and then editing, the perfect photographs. You’ll be a wizard at fixing common photography issues like low contrast, lack of definition or texturing. You’ll also gain mastery at many tools which can enhance photos to the level at which people will want to buy them.

Photography comes in many different guises, from food to weddings. The Complete Photography Bundle covers all the bases. It even includes the popular ‘Art of Travel Photography‘ course, in which you’ll learn how to capture those once in a lifetime photo opportunities perfectly.

Here’s what’s included:

That’s $1,048 of retail value, but you can pay what you like!

Here’s the rules and regs: Whatever you pay, you’ll get DIY Food Photography and Advanced Creative Photography Skills. It could be as little as $1. Not bad at all…

If you beat the current average price, which is displayed, then all 9 courses are yours. Simple as that. At the time of writing the average was about $9. Seems a bit too good to be true, but they sell so many of these bundles that everyone wins. That’s the beauty of digital media.

If you beat the current leader you’ll even be in a draw for an ‘epic’ prize.

The nature of these deals means the the average price usually goes up. So jump in early to get the best price. Find the deal via the button below.

The AAPicks team writes about things we think you’ll like, and we may see a share of revenue from any purchases made through affiliate links. To see all our hottest deals, head over to the AAPICKS HUB.

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