Galaxy S7 gets camera fix and June security patch in the UK


A new OTA has been pushed to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in the UK bringing with it the June security patch and also some additional camera fixes.

Weighing in at 315MB, the update addresses the lack of security update that seemed to be skipped entirely for May and delivers the fixes for June only halfway through the month. Samsung have been hit and miss with the timing of the security updates, with some being delivered before the month has even started in some countries, and others midway through the month, or even skipping the month entirely. The monthly updates are aimed at delivering the key fixes for any security vulnerabilities detected on the Android platform over the month to ensure the operating system is as up to date as possible as far as security is concerned.

According to the changelog, the update bundles fixes for an”occasional cover recognition issue” that should address any issues users were having using one of Samsung’s accessories. You may also notice that if you use Wi-Fi calling on the Galaxy S7, that was introduced in the last update, the toggle will have switched back to disable. Enabling it again under call settings will display a warning stating that not all carriers will support it and it may impact battery.

It’ll be unlocked devices that the update will hit first, followed by locked devices shortly after as the update filters through the carriers. Drop us a comment below if your Galaxy S7 device has received the patch and you notice anything else different following the update.

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