Froyo Browser Speed Comparison

After officially announcing Android 2.2, Google touted the mobile operating system as having one of (if not the fastest) web browsers for a mobile platform. Not to mention the fact that Android 2.2 would feature full support for Adobe’s Flash thanks to the recently released 10.1 beta.

Well, our friends over at PocketNow have taken the liberty to compare an Android 2.2 powered Nexus One against the iPhone 3GS and an HTC HD2. You can check out the above video to see the comparison and will notice that the Nexus One loads slower than the iPhone 3GS and faster than the HTC HD2. However, this is not very out of the ordinary, instead what is made quite evident is that the Flash 10.1 beta is no where near ready for prime time.

When actually rendering Flash content is does a pretty good job on Android 2.2 but when it comes to navigating a page that has Flash content on it, the browser lags an extreme amount. So, before you take Steve Jobs’ side and laugh at Adobe, make note that this is just a beta and as it gets closer to a final release.

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