Foursquare 5.0 for Android now available in Google Play

Foursquare Labs have finally released a major overhaul to their popular check-in application, foursquare. The app is no longer (just) about checking in at your favorite places, as the developers have “re-imagined the entire app to make it even easier for you and your friends to share and catalog your experiences and find new places to go.”

foursquare 5.0 is available for download from Google Play right now, ready to improve your whole check in experience. In addition to let you check in whenever you arrive at a location that supports foursquare, the new app version will now let you discover interesting places around you and see the notes your friends make on the places they visit. foursquare may soon become a worthy Yelp and Google Places rival, as it will now show you comments and recommendations from friends that have checked in before in a location you’re about to enter.

The app will also show you where you friends are, in case you want to join them, and, just as before, it will display the best deals available to foursquare users via in improved Explore feature. In case you’re interested to see where you have been checking in lately, then you can now browse your entire foursquare history right from your profile page, and revisit, at least mentally, some of the places you used to check in to in the past.

Even though we’re looking at a complete overhaul, the app is still available from digital content stores as a free download, so in case you haven’t tried it yet, now would be a good time to download it. In case you’re wondering, there are over 20 million foursquare users out there already, and some of your friends could already be waiting for you inside it.

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