Essential Phone is an even bigger steal for $400 on Amazon

Between the lacklustre camera experience and high price, the Essential Phone might be 2017’s most disappointing flagship. A price cut a few months after launch, from $699 to $499, made for a far more palatable experience though.

Now, Amazon has decided to cut the price of the handset even further (h/t: Slash Gear), from $499 to $399, making for an even sweeter deal. Grab a 360 camera add-on and that price increases to $466.97 — still under $499. The Essential website still lists the phone at $499, suggesting that this is a promo rather than anything permanent.

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The price cut comes after analyst claims that the company shipped fewer than 90,000 units in 2017. Essential hasn’t given up on the phone though, having delivering several updates to improve camera quality and recently issuing an Android 8.1 update following a beta.

The lacklustre sales suggest that newcomers are in for an even tougher time than before, as the likes of Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and other familiar brands dominate the global market. Nevertheless, here’s hoping that we see a follow-up to the Essential Phone as, for all its flaws, the debut model delivered an innovative design and a Moto-inspired add-on system.

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