Enso ZenPad orders delayed … again.

Got this in my inbox this morning, from Alberto Armandi:

Dear customers

Because of logistic problems with their touch panel suppliers, the manufacturer of our zenPads, Shenzhen Micro State Technology, aka SMIT, delayed again the second and final batch delivery of zenPads to July 9.

Now, telling you how frustrating is all this for me is useless. I think you just do not care and want your zenPad, what you paid for. I understand that.

On July 10 our logistic company in Hong Kong will ship ALL the devices together, in the same day.

ALL customers will receive a tracking number and will be able to track their package online

We apologize again for this ridicolous delay.

I don’t even know what to say – they have been trying to sell these since before March – perhaps they should have waited a few months before actually marketing the devices?

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