Elonox introduces 6 new low cost tablets

UK electronics company Elonex has introduced 6 new Google Android powered tablets priced at £119 and up. That’s about $195 US, with some top of the line models running closer to $300. The tablets will be available with range of features including 7 and 10 inch resistive and capacitive touchscreen displays.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Elonex Etouch 760ET – 7 inch tablet with Android 2.2 and a resistive display
  • Elonex Etouch 702ET – 7 inch model with Android 2.2 and a capacitive display
  • Elonex Etouch1000ET – 10 inch model with a resistive display
  • Elonex Etouch 1040ET – 10 inch model with capacitive touchscreen display
  • Elonex Etouch 1043ET – 10 inch model with capacitive display and 3G (all other models are WiFi-only)
  • Elonex Etouch 1044ET – 10 inch tablet with progressive touchscreen display

The Inquirer reports that the starting price for the 10 inch tablets will be £149, or about $244 US.

Elonex is no stranger to to the low cost tablet space. The company has been cranking out budget models for a couple of years. you won’t find premium features such as high resolution displays or dual core processors in these models, and I’d be surprised if any of them ran Google Android 3.0. But if you’re in the market for a cheap tablet in the UK, its nice to know someone is looking out for you.

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