Earn up to $121k per year with the C# bootcamp

C#Last week we spotlighted a great discount on a C coding bundle. If you liked the idea but thought it looked a bit tricky, then check this out. We’ve just got wind of a similar offer on the ultimate C# bundle.

C# (pronounced ‘C sharp’) is similar to C but it’s easier to learn. That’s why Microsoft developed it.

Here’s how we reckon the process went: Take C, update it to make it more powerful, simplify the code so it’s easier to learn, and you’ve got C#. If it wasn’t such a branding nightmare we imagine they would have called it ‘C plus’.

C# developers earn $55k – $121k per year – Gooroo.io

Its’s worth learning too. It has mainstream adoption on the Microsoft and Unity platforms. Big software developers such as Blizzard Entertainment and Electronic Arts use it. Developers love the language for being pleasant to use and well-designed, plus Gooroo.io reports that they earn $55k – $121k per year.

The package on offer right now is The Complete C# Coding Bootcamp – a bundle of 11 courses produced by a variety of experts in the industry. No stone is left unturned In over 89 hours of interactive tutorials and projects.


Taking these courses also gives you a host of other skills for your tool box: Microsoft Visual Studio programming, HTML, and CSS to name a few. You’ll also come to terms with Eclipse, Unreal Engine, Unity, and other programming environments.

Here’s the C# Bootcamp:

The 11 courses sell separately for a combined $765. But until this deal expires, you can purchase the lot for just $41. That means you make a cool 94% saving.

Each of the 11 courses offers you lifetime access once purchased, so there’s absolutely no hurry if you don’t happen to have all 89 hours to spare right now.

Over 1,800 keen minds have already signed up. If you’d like to join them, hit the button below to go to the deal!

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