Deal: The 360 Earphones are the future of portable sound

Once in a while, a paradigm shift occurs in the tech world. You may think you’ve heard how good sound can be from earbuds. 360Audio is saying “hold my beer.”

The 360 Earphones are something of a revolution in portable sound. Redesigning the mechanical structure of earbuds using patented technology, these buds are designed to play sound the way it was created — multi-directionally.

The 360 Earphones incorporate an innovative new mechanical approach to earbud technology, as the video above demonstrates. You can now listen with 5.1 virtual surround sound, the dynamic frequency range from 8Hz to 20KHz, and the truest bass realized on an earbud platform.

360 Earphones

Sound industry experts have been lavishing praise on the 360 Earphones, including Chris Julian — Emmy award winner for film sound editing. The tech world is excited too. In awarding the earbuds 9.8 out of 10, TechAeris said: “The only problem that these earbuds present is what do we do with all of the other earbuds that we own?”

The 360 Earphones at a glance:

  • Immerse yourself in true replicated audio and enjoy the best sound you’ll ever hear on an earbud
  • Frequencies are clearly separated to provide clarity and 3D 5.1 virtual surround sound
  • Packs the same bass response you’d get in a subwoofer into an earbud
  • Intrasonic frequencies develop in the back cavity allowing you to hear crystal clear bass
  • Viscoelastic material inside the mechanical structure refines frequencies to produce clear output and absorbs unwanted feedback
  • In-line microphone and control button allows you to make calls and control track and volume

This Kickstarter success raised its goal 10 times over and hit the market for $150. They’ve now come on offer for the first time, so this week, you can pick up a pair from Tech Deals for just $72.

This price drop is only temporary, and you can even get delivery before Christmas if you’re quick. Tap the button below to find the deal.

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