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When the Moto 360 Sport launched, a lot of people balked at the $300 price tag. As a result, the rugged, fitness-geared wearable didn’t really perform very well for Motorola, and its price gradually began to drop. Today we’re seeing it hit $161.32 on Amazon, which is the lowest we’ve ever seen it go. At this price, you’re getting nearly half off what it was going for when it launched, and really, it’s a price that’s actually finally reasonable.

The Moto 360 Sport tries to ride that fickle fence between smartwatch and fitness tracker. However, as is the case with most devices that attempt to walk this walk, the wearable tends to fall more on the side of “smartwatch,” leaving more robust fitness features out in the cold. However, it performs admirably as such. For runners and hikers, this device is a natural choice. Its rugged design and durability mean you don’t have to worry about it getting beat up on your regular outings. Those who excel in other forms of exercise might want to keep shopping.

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The Moto 360 Sport has a screen size of 45mm and comes with body colors of black, white, and orange. However, only the black model is currently going for this rock-bottom price on amazon. The touchscreen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and can display notifications, cards, and more on its LCD display. Voice control means you can keep jogging while controlling the device, and it is water resistant up to 3 feet. Wireless charging is possible with the included dock, and integrated navigation support means your watch can guide you wherever you want to run today.

Click the button below to take advantage of this offer on Amazon. In the comments, let us know if you think this deal is worth it. Finally a price that justifies the device, or are you still holding out for lower? Give us your opinion!

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