Deal: Get every Lifeline game for a dime each


3 Minute Games is having a sale, and now you can get each of their extremely well-received choose-your-own-adventure-style games in the Lifeline series for only $0.10 each. That essentially rounds down to free, and you can probably cover the cost of the entire trilogy with the change you currently have in your pocket, so why not give these indie games a whirl?

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The story is the brainchild of Dave Justus, who you may recall as the writer behind Fables: The Wolf Among Us. Our hero Taylor is a stranded astronaut who is the sole survivor of a tragic crash landing on a moon. He can get a signal out, but the only person he can reach is… you. Your decisions will determine Taylor’s fate. The story continues in Lifeline 2: Bloodline, and the sequel is almost twice as long as its forerunner. Finally, the story comes to its gripping conclusion in Lifeline: Silent Night, where Taylor’s destiny is determined once and for all.

With many of the users in the review section comparing this work to a good novel, $0.30 is a pittance to pay for good storytelling and crafty game design. What are you even waiting for? Click the buttons below to download these masterpieces from the Google Play Store. Once you’ve been emotionally devastated at the hands of an mobile game, return to the comments and we’ll form a support group in the comments for those experiencing the crushing longing for more that always comes when a really good story is over.

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