Deal: Get an unlocked, refurbished Google Pixel for $200 (Update: Deal is back!)

Update (06/06/18): The deal was apparently so good that Woot decided to bring it back for another go.

As with the previous deal, these are refurbished Verizon Pixel devices going for at least $200. Even though they are unlocked and should work on virtually any carrier, not every function will work on every carrier. Check this tool first to see if these Pixel devices will work on your carrier or MVNO.

Something else to keep in mind are the conditions of the Pixel devices. Even though some reviews state their devices were fine, others stated they had issues that ranged from broken WiFi to a non-working speaker. When it comes to refurbished devices, it can be a gamble. At least Woot is pretty good when it comes to returns.

Finally, Verizon Pixel devices come with locked bootloaders. The general public will not care about that, though those who flash custom software might want to look elsewhere.

Still, that $200 price tag makes the risks worth it. The sale ends either in 15 hours or when stock dries up, whichever happens first, so make sure to get your device at the link below.

Original article: For the next 15 hours, and only while supplies last, Woot is offering a slew of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL refurbs at drastically reduced prices. While it’s true that these phones are a year-and-a-half old at this point, these are still terrific devices and this is an awesome deal!

These phones are refurbished Verizon Pixel devices. However, they are all unlocked, which means you can bring them to pretty much any carrier you like. If you want to be totally sure that the phones will work on your carrier or MVNO, you can check this handy tool to see before you purchase.

So what can you get and how much will it cost? The vanilla Google Pixel – that is, the Google Pixel with 32GB of storage – will cost only $200. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members, and $5 for people without Amazon Prime.

If you want to upgrade your storage on the Google Pixel, you can get the 128GB model for only $245. Both the 32GB and 128GB models come in Quite Black or Very Silver.

Editor’s Pick

If the Google Pixel is too small for you and you’d rather have some more screen real estate, you can always upgrade to the Google Pixel XL. The 32GB version of the Pixel XL will set you back $210 while the 128GB version goes for $255. Once again, both versions come in black or silver and shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime.

This deal is pretty insane and supplies will likely run out before the sale ends in 15 hours. I would order quick if I were you!

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