Deal: Get a portable Google Assistant-powered smart speaker for $40 (save $110)

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If you need a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker, you probably think the Google Home line is your only option. But that’s not true, there are lots of other brands that incorporate Google Assistant into their proprietary speakers.

Insignia (read: Best Buy) is one of those brands, and right now you can get the smart speaker deal of the year, via Best Buy’s eBay page: a portable, Google Assistant-powered smart speaker for only $40, a whopping $110 off the list price of $150.

This is a new item, not used or refurbished, and features free shipping to the continental United States direct from a Best Buy warehouse.

Editor’s Pick

Although the Insignia VoiceSmart speaker is kind of clunky looking, there are a few notable features about the device that sets it apart from other speakers on the market. The first feature is that it’s portable; that’s right, you can take this speaker outside with you. The Google Assistant functionality of the speaker won’t work if you are away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, obviously, but it will still function as a fully-capable Bluetooth speaker wherever you bring it.

The second notable feature is that it’s also an alarm clock. This makes it perfect for a bedroom installation where it will function as both a smart speaker and as a deliverer of wake-up calls.

I’ll admit that at $150, this thing isn’t really anything to swoon over. But $40 for a portable Bluetooth speaker that also integrates with your smart home via Google Assistant? That’s a total no-brainer, and I’ll probably be picking one of these up for myself.

Click below to get this while supplies last!

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