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If you’ve been looking for a good deal on a decent smartwatch or a fitness tracker, Amazon has a great deal on the Pebble Time. For just five cents under $90, you can get Pebble’s immensely popular smartwatch. The offer is available for all color options for the watch – black, white, and red.

Pebble Time runs on Pebble’s own OS – Timeline OS. It may not be as pretty and advanced as Android Wear or watchOS, but it does everything you expect a smartwatch to do, and it does them well. As is the case with other Pebble watches, the Pebble Time also relies on tactile input – the buttons on the side, and the OS is optimized for that. It’s really quite simple and practical.

Perhaps the watch’s design and display are among the most controversial: it isn’t the prettiest watch I admit, nor is its display particularly dazzling. However, the upgraded e-paper display – which displays color now – is easy to read on, and most importantly, saves battery like no other. The longest that a normal smartwatch lasts is around two to three days; the Pebble Time will last up to seven days on a single charge.

On top of that, the material and its limited functionality make up for a very sturdy but light watch experience. One thing that I will mention, however, is that if you are a fashionista, the Pebble Time may not be an ideal smartwatch for you. Unfortunately, it is not particularly easy to find attractive replacement bands for this device.

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You can click the link below to buy the Pebble Time, but be sure to check your phone’s Android version since it requires Android 4.3 or higher.

Buy Pebble Time on Amazon

Are you looking to buy a new smartwatch or a fitness tracker? Will you be taking advantage of the 40% off sale on Amazon? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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