Deal: Get a $799 service credit if you buy two Pixel 3s on Project Fi

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With the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL out of reach for some people’s wallets, the latest deal from Google’s Project Fi nets customers a $799 service credit if they buy two of the new Pixel smartphones. That makes this somewhat of a BOGO deal for the smaller Pixel 3 and a hefty discount for the $899 Pixel 3 XL, though you still have to buy the phones.

Before you click that Buy button, there is some fine print to go over. First, the two Pixel phones must be activated by two people on the same Project Fi group plan. One of those people must port their current number to Project Fi during sign-up, with only one person able to buy both devices.

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From there, you must activate the devices within 30 days of them being shipped and have the devices active for 60 consecutive days within 90 days of device shipment. You will then see the $799 service credit applied to the buyer’s account. Keep in mind that the credit only applies as long as your account remains active, so pausing your account will do you no good.

Finally, you have from now until November 22 at 10:00PM PT to buy the Pixel 3 phones and eventually get the $799 service credit. Make sure the Pixel 3 you get is the one you want, since Project Fi will not distribute the $799 credit if you return your device.

Also keep in mind that you can either buy the Pixel 3 outright with your own money or with Google’s financing service. This all sounds complicated, but just make sure to look over the terms properly and you should be just fine.

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