Dawn of Gods puts mythical power into your fingertips

dawn of gods

Dawn of Gods, a free-to-play strategy game, has been released in the Google Play Store by Aeria Games. This title sees you designing a base not unlike Clash of Clans. You’ll raid other players for resources and gradually unlock more and more powerful upgrades and characters. Where Dawn of Gods has an edge over other raid-based strategies is the sheer diversity of the units. In addition to mortal army units, there are 150 different mythical gods that you can summon to do your bidding.

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The game seeks to find a sweet spot between base-builders and card collecting. What’s also cool is that, rather than making up their own deities and creatures a la Summoner’s War, Dawn of Gods pulls from cultures all over the world – Greek, Norse, Egyptian, etc… These gods each have a unique ability that resonates with their traditional mythological roles, and they can all be upgraded and leveled up to make them more formidable on the battlefield. Like Summoner’s War, you can sacrifice lesser gods to make your team leaders more powerful. Some even ‘evolve’ into more powerful forms once they reach certain levels.

It’s an fascinating hodgepodge of both world cultures and game mechanics. There are six different battle modes, PvP raiding, and a single player campaign. Honestly, it looks like there’s something here for just about everybody, so it’s at least worth giving it a spin, even if only to see how they rendered your favorite Egyptian deity. The game does have in-app purchases, and some may decry it as a pay-to-win title, but these purchases seem to be entirely optional. Check it and then come back and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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