Could Google sell more tablets than Amazon in 2013?

nexus-10-vs-nexus-7-12Last year was a great year for tablets, we saw the launch of the Kindle fire HD and the Nexus 7, both priced at under $200. There were also lots of new models from Samsung including additions to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note ranges.

Although smartphones outsell tablets significantly,  this sector is still important to all the big electronic companies and the next 12 months could see some interesting winners along with some disappointments. According to new forecasting data is estimated that there will be 172 million tablets sold in 2013. That is a 61% increase when compared to 2012 and equates to 470,000 tablets being sold per day. Among the winners Samsung is expected to do well and could sell as many as 40 million tablets,  which is a 200% increase over its previous year’s sales.

Google is also expected to do well, the company started making tablets last year when it released the Nexus 7 and then later also the Nexus 10. The data which comes from analysts at Pacific Crest Securities, suggests that Google will take up to 15% of the tablet market this year. In total it could sell over 25 million tablets moving it into the number three spot about Amazon.

Slipping from third to fourth is Amazon which the experts think will sell around 10 million tablets in 2013. After Amazon comes Microsoft with 6 million tablets. Microsoft is different in that not only does it not use Android or iOS but only some of its tablets are powered by ARM chips, the rest use Intel chips.

The trio of analysts, Michael McConnell, John Vinh, and James Faucette, predict that Apple will stay on top and think  the company could sell as many as 86 million iPads and iPad minis in the next year. That would mean a 30% year-over-year increase.

In terms of mobile operating system that means that iOS would be used on just over 60% of all tablets and about 36% of tablets would run Android. The rest would be running Windows 8.

Forget for a moment that this is an Android blog, and maybe we’ve already made our minds up about which mobile operating system we prefer, but are you looking to buy a new tablet in 2013? What will you buy? Leave a comment below and also let me know the reasons for your choice.

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