Compaq Airlife 100

Well this is something new! I know that I’m supposed to be focusing on Tablet PCs, but this is just too good to pass up. It looks like HP will be the first company to bring an ARM-based “smartbook” to the market that is running Google Android. The Airlife 100 should be available in a few weeks in Spain, through wireless carrier “Telefonica Movistar”. It will run you 229 Euros, plus 48 Euros per month. In USD, that’s  about $300 up front, and $65 a month for service. The actual device features a Snapdragon CPU running at 1ghz, and a 10″ display at 1024×600. This means that HP will soon be offering devices that sport Windows, WebOS, or Android in the near future. It’s just too bad their failure rate is higher than that of other manufacturers.

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