ClockworkMod for G-Note 10.1 unleashed: Let the custom ROMs flow

For some, the release of a much awaited and anticipated Android device is a reason for joy and a perfect excuse to spend some money to “keep up with the trends”. For others though, it’s just a great new way to test their hacking abilities.

Take the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, for example. The tab wasn’t even officially out when an independent dev compiled a very helpful tutorial on how to root the device. And now that the 10-incher has finally made it onto the market, it should not come as a surprise that a ClockworkMod Recovery tool has been released, making everything ready for the upcoming custom ROM “avalanche”.

Senior XDA-developers forum member Zedomax is unsurprisingly the man behind the ClockworkMod release and he will probably also be one of the devs to watch closely in the near future for some juicy Galaxy Note 10.1 custom ROMs.

According to Zedomax, the recovery tool is an unofficial version, although it seems to be working pretty great on both the GT-N8000 (aka 3G version of the GNote 10.1) and GT-N8013 (Wi-Fi only model).

You can flash ClockworkMod in Odin or Heimdall by clicking on this link here. The only non-working feature right now seems to be the SD card mount (which might be fixed soon). Also, the touchscreen is reported by some users as acting a bit off when scrolling, but this is not exactly a major glitch, as you can use your tablet’s volume keys for moving up and down.

The ClockworkMod recovery tool, for those of you who aren’t very knowledgeable in the hacking field, can allow you to perform advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on particular Android devices. We don’t recommend you flashing this mod just yet if you’re not a skilled software tweaker, as this isn’t exactly a tool for fun, but rather one for professionals.

If you want to enter yourself in the race for getting out the first functional custom ROM for the Galaxy Note 10.1 though, be sure to root your device, install the recovery tool and get to work! Just keep in mind that you’ll void your tablet’s warranty by doing so and that we’ll probably build you a statue if you manage to get some Jelly Bean goodness on the 10-incher. Good luck!


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