Cheapest device shipped, Period.

This is by far the cheapest tablet out there right now, when not ordered in bulk. For $127, it will be shipped to your door, and includes a bare minimum of specs, which will get you by and let you get a taste for Android. I actually think that is just an “unbranded” Eken tablet, judging by the 600mhz VIA cpu onboard, and the design of it. It “rocks” an (up to) two hour, 1800mah battery, and 128mb of ram. However, I don’t see anything listed in regards to onboard memory, so I’m guessing that you’re going to be stuck with 2GB, and will be purchasing an SD card for it. It doesn’t have 3G, but it does have wireless b/g. For the price, lets just say it’s a really good option.

Lets be clear, though, when I say this is the cheapest. I have looked on DHGate, AliExpress, eBay, and any number of other Chinese wholesale sites that I’ve visited, and to buy a single device at this price, including shipping, is pretty impressive. Good luck, prospective buyers!

Purchase: Aliexpress

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  • kevin

    It looks like Eken’s M001… DX has it for $109 with free shipping now.

  • Same thing, just by looking at the markings on the back – Eken must be a reseller that rebranded it. It even comes in the same box.