Boost Mobile introduces unlimited music streaming, Virgin Mobile expands its own


Local storage is phasing out as we move into the cloud age. Most of our media is now available for streaming, but there is a very important factor that keeps us stuck in the past, storing music and videos locally… like cavemen. But some carriers are catching up with the times and introducing plans in which certain services don’t count against users’ data allowances.

T-Mobile made this a popular practice with its Un-carrier “music freedom” move, and now we see competitors like Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile following suit. In fact, Boost Mobile is introducing its unlimited music streaming features for the first time.

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While Boost Mobile offers unlimited data, it is throttled after a certain amount of data has been utilized. Starting now, Boost Mobile plan subscribers can stream from a series of music apps without the data counting against their high-speed internet allotment. These services include Pandora, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Samsung Milk Music and 8tracks, More are coming, so be patient if your favorite is not listed.

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In addition, the sister carrier Virgin Mobile is also adding 8tracks and and Samsung Milk Music to its already-existing unlimited streaming offer. This means both Boost and Virgin are on par with their list of supported services.

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Let’s just be happy these service providers are bringing sweet tunes to our daily lives while on-the-go. Stream away, guys!

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