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The ZTE Axon 7 has already been out for a couple of months, and if you haven’t heard of it by now, you should definitely go check it out. A flagship for only $400 with little to no compromise is something we’ve been anticipating for many years. If you’re reading this, odds are that you already have or are thinking about purchasing an Axon 7 and naturally, you will need a case for it if you want to keep that beautiful phone scuff and scratch free.

Unfortunately, like many phones in the “budget flagship range”, the Axon 7 doesn’t have nearly as many options as you’ll find with devices like the Galaxy series. That’s not to say there aren’t some excellent choices though, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cases that can offer quality protection for a quality device.

ZTE Axon 7 Clear View Folio Case


Our first pick comes from ZTE themselves. This folio case wraps around the entire body with a small window for viewing the screen. Keep in mind that the ZTE Axon 7 doesn’t haven an “always on” display, which would have made the case even more useful, but the sensors in the phone will wake it up when you flip the case open. Overall, the case will still have no problem protecting your Axon 7 from all angles, not to mention it’s quite pretty to look at.

Currently the $29.99 folio case is only available in gold, so the owners of the grey Axon 7 may want to look elsewhere.

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Townshop Black Heavy Duty Case for ZTE Axon 7


With any smartphone you get, you will always have the option of getting a case that will almost guarantee your phone’s survival in the face of a long fall. That’s precisely what the Townshop black case does. A quick and easy solution to getting a case, it features a thick, rubber design, the case will absorb any impact and make the sure the phone stays in your hand (considering how slippery the Axon 7 is, that’s an attractive addition). The case is also layered, so if the case feels to chunky, you can just remove the outer layer.

The case is available for the mild price of $4.99 with $2.99 shipping cost on Amazon.

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OEAGO ZTE Axon 7 Case


Another contender in the heavy duty case department, the OEAGO case offers a lot of bang for your buck at just $6.99. It sits at just a mere dollar cheaper than the Townshop, but offers all of the same features. It has a layered, thick rubber/silicon design to make it absorb impacts, it stays in your hand, the layers can be removed, and so on. It’s not much different than the Townshop, so your choice comes down to preference between the two comes down to preference and the difference of one dollar.

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CoverON Clear Case for ZTE Axon 7


While having heavy duty cases is certainly a surefire way to protect your phone, the problem that I and many others have with them is that they aren’t always the nicest to look at. Luckily the people at CoverON took notice and created a durable yet stylish case for the Axon 7. The back is made entirely of clear polycarbonate, so you can still appreciate the Axon’s design while still keeping it intact. The bumpers on the edges are composed of a “semiflexible” TPU.

If you order the case, you also get a 90 day warranty with it to ensure customer satisfaction. Better yet is that the case only costs $9.99.

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CoverON Holster Case for ZTE Axon 7


Holster cases are really nice. While they may not absorb impacts as well as a thick rubber case, you’ll never worry about how safe your phone is. This case sports a much more solid, layered design. In the back is a small kickstand that will allow to lay your phone in landscape mode to watch a video or angle your speakers hands free. The case comes with an optional cover that serves as a holster, but if you don’t like a giant phone coming from your belt, you can simply skip that feature.

CoverON’s holster case runs for the same price as their clear case – just $9.99.

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Vinve Clear Rubber Case for ZTE Axon 7


The Axon 7 is a gorgeous phone. With an all metal design, the subtleties make it premium and pleasant to look at. Vinve took this into account with their rubber case. For just $6.89, you can slide this rubber case onto the back of your phone to ensure protection while still admiring its beauty. While it may not protect your phone as well as some of the other cases on this list, a full rubber build will absorb most of any impact (just be careful not to drop it on its face). Fans of fashion over function will definitely want to look into this case.

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J&D ZTE Axon 7  Case


Finishing off our list is a much more simplistic case design. Only costing a minimal $6.95, J&D offer a shock resistant case that sits snugly on the back of your Axon 7. Heralded as a revised edition, J&D have worked out all the kinks in their design. Instead of an all rubber build, J&D’s case instead boasts a stiffer design that keeps it slim and protected. This case is also the only on this list to come in multiple colors for the entire case (black, blue, purple, red). Also, if for some reason you order the case and it doesn’t fit, J&D will send you a free replacement at no extra charge.

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