Best HD live wallpapers for Android phones and tablets

If you’ve ever wanted to be unique and change the way your Android smartphone looks, then you can start by personalizing it by adding live wallpapers.

In this article, we compiled some of the most amazing HD live wallpapers for you to try out on your Android phone or tablet. There is nothing better than seeing your phone with all the neat visuals and interactive features that you can possible experience from a mere wallpaper.

Christmas HD

Christmas this year is still several months away, but you can either celebrate Christmas early or prepare for Christmas with this awesome HD 3D wallpaper. Celebrate the holidays every time you hold your phone in your hands. Gather the family in a cozy heartwarming fireplace and bring out the stockings.

The Christmas HD live wallpaper is customizable and every part of the scene can be personalized with your own desired preferences. This includes the photograph on the fireplace, ornaments, gifts, snowflakes, garland on the tree, ribbons, and a whole lot more. Not only that, Christmas HD live wallpaper also features fluid animations without causing any battery drain.

Battery HD Free Live Wallpaper

Battery HD Free is an interesting live wallpaper that doesn’t only entertain you every time you open your phone but also serves as an indicator of your phone’s battery level. Not only that, it acts as a battery manager that helps you gain real-time information of your battery’s health and other important details.

The live wallpaper is customizable and users can change the text color and other desired settings that they have in mind. Other features include a supplementary animation during charging, smiley faces that indicate the battery status, and temperature readings.

Christmas HD Live Wallpaper

Here’s another Christmas-themed wallpaper that will make you instantly fall in love with the holidays. Christmas HD Live Wallpaper is an awesome live wallpaper that will certainly light up your Christmas spirits.

Spice up your Android smartphone with HD graphics while keeping battery consumption low. The Christmas HD Live Wallpaper app is absolutely gorgeous and is fully customizable. There are many backgrounds to choose from and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Season Zen HD

Enjoy the beautiful seasonal changes of the year in this epic HD wallpaper for your Android smartphone. Season Zen HD is a live wallpaper that features spring, summer, autumn and winter themes in one complete package.

Bring your phone to life with Season Zen HD that is so realistic that you might as well be experiencing the real thing. What makes this application more amazing is that every part of the scene that you see is customizable. That includes the bench, butterfly, flowers, eggs, steam, and a thousand more possible combinations. The live wallpaper works great with Tegra HD devices, phones, and tablets.

wp clock design wallpaper

For those of you looking for a stylish wallpaper that not only makes your phone’s background look awesome but also serve as a widget, then wp clock design wallpaper might just suit your needs.

The WP Clock Design Wallpaper app is a stylish live wallpaper clock that will display a lot of useful information directly on your phone’s home screen. From the name itself, the live wallpaper will show you the time, date, month, year, week, or day of the year depending on your preferences. The live wallpaper will also show the your device’s current battery status, weather, temperature, network type, and even the telephony provider’s signal strength.

My Beach HD

Is it raining outside today?  Spend a warm sunny day on your very own private beach with the My Beach HD live wallpaper.

My Beach HD is a stunning live wallpaper that renders realistic beaches on your phone’s home screen. Everything that you see on the wallpaper is highly customizable, making it a fine choice for those who are looking for a virtual beach to unwind on.

Relax in the shade and watch the waves drift to the shore with your very own private beach. Beach HD features a lighthouse in the distance, a boat that gently rocks, and an airplane that slowly does a flyby with your specialized message.

Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper fr

Show your love of abstract art in this cool, Honeycomb-inspired live wallpaper. Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper fr displays blue patterned rings that slowly rotate independently and fade in and out of the background.

There are more options of colors to choose from if you think that the blue colored rings feel too mainstream. The colors are customizable and other features can be unlocked, such as special effects and scale circles, if you go for the paid version.

The best thing about this wallpaper is that it has been proven and tested with a wide range of devices and scales well with different device resolutions.

Hypnotic Live Wallpaper

Hypnotic Live Wallpaper features 9 alluring HD live wallpapers that will certainly satisfy your cravings. The app features beautiful trance-inducing wallpapers that run smoothly in the background and adds an aesthetic value to any Android device. What’s even better is that it promises minimum battery consumption and is guaranteed to help your phone last a long time.

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Fish and aquarium lovers out there will definitely love this wallpaper with fishes swimming in the background of the homescreen. Aquarium Live Wallpaper is a beautifully crafted live wallpaper that features fishes together with their environment as the main theme.

Users who use this live wallpaper can choose from 9 different backgrounds that are exceptionally crafted to resemble the real thing. Relax with an aquarium with different fishes swimming in the background.

Super Clock Wallpaper Free

Here’s another live wallpaper that is definitely worth your time. Super Clock Wallpaper Free is not just any wallpaper but also features a clock, date, and time in the background. The live wallpaper is specially handy if you are planning to use less widgets and don’t want that extra clutter on your phone’s home screen.

The live wallpaper is perfect for anyone who wants a simplistic design, not to mention that the app is so light that it doesn’t even lag during those transition moments. It also works perfectly on Android tablets, plus it supports Honeycomb 3.0 and hardware acceleration.

Earth HD Free Edition

Another awesome live wallpaper that has made its way to our list is Earth HD Free Edition. From the name itself, Earth HD is basically a live wallpaper showing the magnificent planet Earth in outer space.

Users can take the advantage of the app’s HD themes that are brilliantly crafted. There are 5 themes to choose from: Realistic, Future, Classic, Post-apocalyptic, and Frozen Earth. Earth HD is neatly polished with other features such as 9 camera modes to choose from, animated cameras,  low resolution support, detailed customization, beautiful stars background, and a whole lot more.

DIY Your Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Want to explore the vast reaches of space? Then DIY Your Galaxy Live Wallpaper is the right application for you. From the creators of OMG Space Live Wallpaper comes another live wallpaper application that is fully customizable. DIY Your Galaxy Live Wallpaper is easy to use and as soon as the app is installed on your phone, you can choose from a wide variety of space-themed wallpapers at your disposal.

You can also interact with the wallpaper itself like double-tapping the screen to create a black hole burning through space. The app is simply amazing and it’s not like most ordinary live wallpapers that you find in the market.

Falling Fruit Live Wallpaper

Falling Fruit Live Wallpaper is a fantastic live wallpaper to add to your collection. Enjoy the high-quality falling fruits live wallpaper as it drops a huge variety of fruits continuously in the background.

The beautiful wallpaper runs buttery smooth and uses the least amount of battery, making it the ideal wallpaper replacement for those looking for something different.

Falling Fruit Live Wallpaper has over 14 different kinds of fruits with 10 background images to choose to from. They are highly customizable and includes different types of configurations in setting the falling speed and number of falling fruits.

GO Weather Animate WallpaperHD

If you’re running GO Launcher on your phone, then you might want to add this lovely live wallpaper especially made for the launcher. GO Weather Animate WallpaperHD is a great way to enhance your GO Launcher experience.

The app is straightforward and automatically converts the current weather forecast into a live wallpaper. You will experience thunderstorms, cloudy skies, or even snowy environments depicting the current weather in your chosen location.

Flowers HD LWP

Add some color on your Android smartphone with Flowers HD LWP. Enjoy photorealistic flowers and vivid scenery of nature coming to life on your phone.

This live wallpaper’s high-definition graphics and amazing colors will definitely captivate users every time you hold your smartphone. The app is customizable and, depending on your mood, you can configure the background’s elements, including the number of butterflies shown, the flower speed, and flower sway.  You can even choose to randomize the flower locations.

This wallpaper features a lot of pinks and reds in the background, so this will definitely delight flower lovers and fans of pink and red.

NBA Durant Live Wallpaper HD

Show your love for the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant in this feature-packed live wallpaper dedicated to NBA fans and basketball lovers out there. NBA Durant Live Wallpaper HD is the best application that will compliment your love of the sport, as well as the team.

The app features beautiful shots of Kevin Durant himself in real-time rendering and rainbow bubble. Every time a user swipes beyond the primary homescreen, the display is replaced by different pictures of Kevin Durant.

Android! Live Wallpaper

Bring out your passion for the Android platform with its very own live wallpaper. Androids! Live Wallpaper is a premium wallpaper that features futuristic HD graphics with smooth physics and functionality.

The app is compatible with numerous Android phones and can be customized with a million possible combinations. You can change the speed, colors, texture, shapes, size and effects depending on your personal choice.

See floating Android robots in the background, drifting away and turning your home screen into an amazing work of art.

Krishna HD Live Wallpaper

Fill up your homescreen with this live wallpaper to show love and admiration for Lord Shree Krishna. Personalize your home screen with spectacular images of the Lord Shree Krishna and inspire your day every time open your phone.

The Krishna HD Live Wallpaper will automatically change every 10 seconds or depending on the orientation you have chosen. It is also customizable and users can set their own configurations to suit their needs.

Saving Bob Live Wallpaper HD

Here’s an interesting live wallpaper that you may never have thought existed. Saving Bob Live Wallpaper HD is a live wallpaper that will require users to save Bob by not letting their battery drain out.

Bob is a naughty arrogant dog who is tied to a pipe by Mr. Plumber. There’s a leak in the pipe and the water level continuously rises as your phone battery runs out. The cute animation and simplistic visuals make this live wallpaper truly unique in its category. This a cool and funny live wallpaper that adds life to any ordinary homescreen.

Luma Lite Live Wallpaper

Luma Lite Live Wallpaper is a colorful interactive wallpaper that features beautiful combinations of shapes and colors. If you love abstract art, Luma is a great way to show off your passion.

With Luma Lite, you can create over 500 different and custom live wallpapers, thanks to the app’s numerous themes and styles. Transform your ordinary phone into a beautiful mosaic of moving shapes and color with Luma’s easy creation tool to generate your own color scheme, shapes, and actions. The app features touch iteration to add a little bit of action in each of your own creations.

With more and more people picking up Android devices of their own, it’s important to give your phone a unique and personal touch. What better way to do that than by prettying it up with HD live wallpapers.

Which of these wallpapers do you like the best? If your favorite HD live wallpaper didn’t make it to our list, drop us a comment and let us know what you have on your Android device.

In most cases, you get a better deal and more awesome features from premium paid apps. Check out our posts on the best paid live wallpapers for Android phones and the best paid live wallpapers for Android tablets.

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