Become an Excel Expert for under $30

ExcelToday AAPicks have had our heads turned by an Excel eLearning package aimed at… well…. everyone.

On your resume, does it say something like ‘Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel’? Once upon a time mine did. I did a stint in the finance sector, spent plenty of time coloring the boxes and making spreadsheets that looked good on a printout. I’d even dabbled in the equations bar sometimes – I basically thought I had it down.

How wrong I was.

When I applied for a role which involved Excel proper, the competency test chewed me up and spat me out. All I can now remember from that traumatic episode was that it involved pivot-table look-ups and macros.

Excel is so much more powerful a tool than I had realized at the time. It has functions for complex data analysis and all kinds of statistical modelling. Little wonder it’s used by pretty much every single organization on the planet.

Excel is one of the most important business tools ever developed.



So, unless you’re already an excel expert, today’s offer at AAPicks can help you seriously kick your skills up a level. The Microsoft Excel and Advanced Excel Bundle teaches you all that stuff, and more.

The company offering this online learning kit is called Excel with Business, and that’s very much the focus of their team. They train you with real-world business skills at the core of your development, so you can put your knowledge to practical use.

Here’s a summary:

  • Access 56 lectures and 48 hours of content across two complete courses.
  • Learn how Excel works, how to navigate it, and how to design a spreadsheet.
  • Discover the most popular formulas including IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF.
  • Use Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and basic macros.
  • Create advanced graphs in minutes instead of wasting hour trying to figure them out.
  • Increase interactivity by automating your spreadsheets with macros and VBA.
  • Solve complex problems with superpower functions.

Not only do you get all of this super useful Excel wizardry, you get a certificate to prove it. With that emblazoned on your resume, analytical jobs are suddenly much more attainable.

This week you can get lifetime access to this learning kit for only $29. That’s a ridiculous 95 percent price drop. It’s so affordable that even if you only pick up a few new tricks it will have been worth the investment.

You can walk through the course at your leisure.

If that sounds good then click the button below to peruse the package in more detail.

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