Become a Microsoft Excel specialist for only $10


Microsoft Excel is the most important business application ever developed. It’s heavily used in many industries, so if you’re not proficient you might find climbing the greasy pole tricky. 

This is particularly true if you aspire to be in a management or finance role. Rising through the ranks in a finance department without strong Excel skills is like trying to win the Kentucky Derby on a donkey.

Use Excel to impress colleagues with your style and professionalism.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or just want to take your Excel skills to the next level, The Essential Microsoft Excel Specialist Bundle is the perfect learning kit. It gives you a lifetime subscription to Excel 2016 For Beginners and Excel 2016 Advanced. You can tackle them at your leisure.

You might think of Excel as all equations and graphs, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Excel Specialist Bundle teaches you all that jazz of course, but it also drills right down to details like recording macros to automate your processes. Once you have these capabilities you can really bend Excel to your will.


You don’t just learn to master this powerful reporting tool, you’re also fully prepped to take the Specialist exam in Excel should you choose to do so. There are two exams you can take, and completing them will give you extra qualifications for your resume. That’s on top of the certificates of completion included in this bundle of course.

Each of these courses retailed at $995, making this possibly the biggest discount we’ve ever seen at AA Picks headquarters. Right now you get both in the bundle for just $9.99, more than a 99 percent discount!

It looks like the deal times out this weekend, so it’s time to start impressing with your Excel prowess. Find the deal by hitting the button below.

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