Become a computer programmer in one month

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Can you spare 20 hours and $29? If so you could take your first steps on the road to being a high-flying computer programmer in HTML or JavaScript.

Today’s deal actually gets you lifetime access to the Become a Computer Programmer in One Month Bundle. That means you could cram it all into three days, or spread it out over a month or more.

The beauty of this learning kit is that it gives you a solid grounding in HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery, so you can dip your toe before committing to the language that suits you best.

Get a solid grounding in HTML, Javascript, and jQuery.

The bundle is split into four courses for absolute beginners. Each of those is broken down into bitesize lessons headed up by an engaging instructor. Instead of drowning in theory, you’ll learn by building real-world projects.

By the end of the bundle, you’ll not only have a host of new coding skills, but you’ll also have a portfolio of projects, as well as certificates of completion for your resume.

The Computer Programmer in One Month Bundle:

Become a Computer Programmer in One Month Bundle

If you purchased these courses separately they’d set you back a cool $800, but there’s a reason we’re spotlighting the bundle today.

For a few days at least, you can sign up for all four courses for just $29.

No excuse to put off your coding career any longer. Hit the button below to check out the deal.

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