Battleborn Tap arrives in the Play Store


If you can’t get enough of Battleborn on your PC or console, then you’re in luck: Battleborn Tap is now available on your Android mobile device. Fight your way through waves of enemies by tapping furiously on your screen and unlock a variety of rewards and upgrades to make your squad of heroes even more powerful.

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As you can probably tell from that brief description, this is a very different kind of game than Battleborn proper. Gone is the MOBA-style multiplayer experience in favor of crunchy, trigger-happy madness. If you’re a fan of the game, then this is a nice way to experience a little bit more of the world.

What’s perhaps the most interesting aspect of this game is the fact that it interlinks with Battleborn through your SHiFT account. Through Battleborn Tap, you can unlock exclusive rewards for your PC or console playthrough and vice versa. A nice little perk there.

Some decry the gameplay as a bit too simplistic, but it makes a nice little time killer if you’re looking for something not too demanding. To give Battleborn Tap a spin, click the button below to download it from the Play Store. Try it out, then let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Get it in the Play Store

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